Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is sugar waxing?
Sugar waxing is the ancient art of hair removal and is performed using a thick gel consisting of sugar, lemon and water. Sugar wax takes the entire hair and root with it. Sugar wax is water-soluble, means that it cannot tear our skin. It removes our hair while exfoliation the already dead skin cells, leaving soft, smooth, exfoliated skin. Sugarpot can be used for facial hair, body hair, and bikini line.

2. How to use Sugarpot?
The direction can be seen on How-to page.

3. How long does my hair need to be?
The hair should be at least 0,6 cm for optimal hair removal.  For most people this is usually around 3 weeks of growth.

4. How many jars do I need to wax entire body?
1 Jar can be used for two times full legs wax. For the entire body it needs 2 jars.

5. My skin is sensitive, can I use Sugarpot?
Yes, you do because Sugarpot is made from all natural ingredients. No dangerous chemical added. It's even safe to be eaten.

6. Can I use deodorant after sugaring?
It is better to wait 1x24 hour after sugaring.

7. How long my hair will grow again?
Usually, it will takes 3-8 weeks for a re-waxing.  

8. Is Sugarpot edible?
Yes, it is! Sugarpot is very safe due to its ingredients. No chemicals added.

9. How Sugarpot can endure for a year?
It is because Sugar is natural preservaties. As it is taken from (www.sciencefocus.com) "Bacteria evolved in environments where the concentration of sugars and salts is the same as or lower than those inside the cell. High sugar concentrations cause the bacterium to lose water by osmosis and it doesn’t have any cellular machinery to pump it back in against the osmotic gradient. Without enough water, the bacteria can’t grow or divide."

10. Will my hair grow thicker and longer after sugaring?
You hair regrowth thin and soft, Sugaring will never make your hair thicker and longer. Sugaring is different from shaving which not remove the hair from the roots which makes your hair thicker.

11. Does Sugarpot darken skin?
No. Sugarpot helps lighten your skin because of the Lemon and it removes hair from the roots so there will be no visible hairs left.

12. How to prevent skin from bruising?
If you bruise easily, make sure you hold skin very taut while sugaring and apply the sugar gel in the right thickness.

13. What is an ingrown hair?
Ingrown hair is a red bump on skin which happens when the hair breaks off below the skin. It begins to grow into the side of the hair follicile. When sugaring, this could be happen when you lifted the strip up from the skin (away from the skin) not parralel to it. Usually ingrown hairs occur in curly hair or dehydrated skin.

14. How to prevent skin from ingrown hair?
First, you can exfoliate your skin using scrub before waxing to get rid of dry skin cells.
If the ingrown hairs occur after sugaring, it can be treated by scrubbing the area with scrub gently to coax the hair out.
Scrub using Tish at least three times a week in the area that is infected with ingrown hairs. Apply Anti-Bump Serum twice a day in the infected area.

15. How to store Sugarpot?
Sugarpot must be stored at room-temperature. Do not store it in the fridge. Close both the white and transparent caps tightly so it will not absorb moisture from the room which can change sugar gel texture.

16. What is the difference between Blanch scrub and Tish scrub?
Blanch scrub main usage is as a whitening scrub. It help whitens dark area caused by shaving and use of depilatory cream. While Tish scrub is an exfoliating scrub. Used for body and face, the texture is rougher than Blanch and it's a perfect scrub to exfoliate bumps and lumps on the skin. 

17. I have ingrown hairs, should I use Soothing Mist or Anti Bump Serum?
It's better to use Anti Bump Serum to help coaxing the ingrown hair out. While Soothing Mist works as prevention to ingrown hairs and bumps.